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Exhibition Plinths

Exhibition PlinthsExhibition Plinths are items which customers use to display their products at exhibitions and events. Due to the fact that the plinths we provide are spray finished as standard we provide a lot of plinth to top-end retail shops and events. If you are looking to hire or purchase plinths for an event or in retail, we are more than happy to help you.

Personalization of the plinths to your brand has never been easier. We can apply your logos and graphics to the plinths, or alternatively spray them in your company colours when provided with the appropriate RAL code.

Glass Display Cases

Exhibition Plinths from ExhibitionPlinths.co.uk

Glass Display Cases are a brilliant way to exhibit Jewellery and precious items. The glass display cabinets are lockable and have storage in the plinth base. Lighting can be provided using mains power or battery power (all hire cabinets come with battery powered lighting as standard). You will have the choice of daylight 3000K spectrum light, or a high powered LED which is a whiter light.

Acrylic Display Cases

Exhibition Plinths from ExhibitionPlinths.co.uk

Acrylic Display Cases are a more lightweight option to secure displaying of products, than glass. Lighting can still be provided in acrylic cases, and the case can be secured to the plinth.

Acrylic Cases are bespoke made-to-order. We have two standard sizes which are in stock, 5 sided acrylic hoods sizes 30cm and 40cm only which are available on a next day delivery for those who need a faster solution than the bespoke-made-to-order option.


iPad Display

Exhibition Plinths from ExhibitionPlinths.co.uk

Having an iPad on display at exhibitions and events, enables you to have the whole range of your stock available as customers can use them to browse your website or sign up to your mailing list.

The iPad Range which are aluminium are off-the-shelf or the iPad plinths which we make in our workshop have many options to bespoke the item to your needs.

Including headphone sockets, speakers and charging points, you may have the iPad display of choice designed and manufactured.

 Opal Acrylic Plinths and Lightboxes

Exhibition Plinths from ExhibitionPlinths.co.uk

Opal Acrylic Lightboxes can be used in a variety of ways. The light box pictured, was to give directions at London Fashion Week.

Grolsch have used light boxes for pop-up bars in London and we have also designed and made them for on stage at festivals. Acrylic Plinths also provide a lightweight option to a plinth through which lighting can be shone.

Flight Cases

Exhibition Plinths from ExhibitionPlinths.co.uk

Flight cases are bespoke made items with interior foam, in order to protect the products that you’ve had manufactured for transportation and delivery.

Many customers who we provide exhibition plinths and glass display cases, want to have a safe method in which they can ship them around the world.

Flight cases are bespoke made to order, and have a working 15 day lead time. If you would like a flight case for products that you already own we are more than happy to also provide this service.

Bespoke Plinths

Exhibition Plinths from ExhibitionPlinths.co.uk

All of our products have the ability to have a bespoke element. However sometimes you have a unique product which has been designed either by yourself or by a professional architect which needs manufacturing.

With the team of people in place who are more than capable to interpret architectural drawings and 3D rendered designs, we are able to quote for production of your idea.

The first picture, is a wall mounted glass cabinet made for Bristol and Bath Science Park, a university and training college in Bristol, to house 3 glass models of viruses in their molecular structure.

Exhibition Plinths from ExhibitionPlinths.co.uk

Slanted top, product information plinths and pedestals are another example of alternative design plinths.

These plinths were made for Waitrose to stand close to their charity collection point in the entrance of a store.

The slanted top plinths are also good for displaying shoes, by putting a small lip on the front or to hold the heel of a shoe in place.

Please note that the time we take to quote can be up to three days, and all bespoke items carry a minimum 3 week lead time due to their nature and involvement needed.

Roller Banners

Exhibition Roller Banner

Roller Banners and Popup Display stands are a new range of products we have introduced through customer feedback. Many of our customers are looking for a one stop exhibition supplier, by adding Roller Banners to our increasing range of high quality products we are able to offer an in house digital printing service for your next Exhibition.

Custom Built

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Custom built exhibition plinths

We can produce a wide range of spray painted exhibition plinths and glass cases to make your exhibition space stand out from the rest.

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Some Of Our Happy Customers

“The professionalism with which you made and prepared the plinths we hired, and the ease with which we were able to order, and arrange for their delivery, was an important part of this. Thank you very much for going the extra mile and making a new set for our hire and use. It was much appreciated.”

Susie Smith
Communications and Marketing Manager
University of Exeter

“Just a quick note to say thanks very much for the great work under tight timings – much appreciated from our end, and by the clients.”

Matt Blaylock

“Thanks so much for the excellent plinths and prompt delivery for our Freshford exhibition. We will certainly use you again next time.”

Alison Harrison

“I am writing to express our thanks for the absolutely fantastic Plinth you designed for us. Communication throughout the work was excellent and Ellie effectively managed the complete design for us. The quality of workmanship and overall finish of everything has been superb, and the positive comments we have received from various Businesses and Dental Professionals confirm we made the right choice in using Exhibition Plinths.”

Ryan Howorko

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