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100cm Glass Display Cabinet White

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Plinths With Internal Storage

Most clients have found that when they have had a plinth with internal storage, they have been a lot more useful on the stand and in storage betwe...
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"The professionalism with which you made & prepared our plinths and arranged everything, made the whole pocess a pleasure. Thank you very much for going the extra mile and making a new set for our hire and use."

Susie Smith
Communications and Marketing Manager
University of Exeter

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A little more detail on some of our most popular products

(many are for both sale or hire)

Exhibition Plinths View
As the UK’s leading Exhibition Plinth manufacturer, we pride ourselves on the quality of the product and the long lasting spray finish as standard. The plinths can be made in any colour or any size you wish, the beauty of manufacturing everything to order means that you have the ability to create something which fits perfectly with you. As standard, exhibition plinths are five-sided boxes however there are many possibilities of making this into a cabinet and more bespoke to your company product display needs. For example, adding a door on one side immediately making this into storage space in your retail environment. One can never have enough cupboard space! Adding wheels which are lockable, and not visible when being attached to a sunken base inside the plinths, means you are more easily able to move the plinths around, should you need them in different spaces, or not wanting staff to have to carry them around. With a wipe clean surface, they are easy to clean scuff marks from peoples shoes from around the bottom, and a perfectly smooth top surface on which to be able to apply vinyl. This is a service we offer in house only for hire items, or of course you can add whatever you wish to when they are purchased.
Glass Display Cases View
The stunning range of glass display cabinets, which are available both for sale and for hire, are also manufactured to order in house with high quality components. With lockable doors in the back of the glass cabinet, and lockable storage compartment in the plinth these are the perfect display cabinet for jewellery and products. The battery powered lighting system enables you to have 55 hours of lighting per battery, and with just 6 hours to charge, alternating a battery in a retail showcase once a week makes these cabinets very low maintenance. The high quality 8mm thick, safety glass is UV bonded together, which creates a seamless joint in order for the customers to have a 360 degree view of your products being displayed in the cabinets.
5 -Sided Acrylic Display Cabinet with Lights
 Acrylic Display Cases View
Everything in the acrylic display case range is bespoke made to order. The cases can be any size you require, and usually as in this image, we use rebates and inset bases to make sure edges of cabinets sit flush to the base. Acrylic is lightweight and more easily transportable than glass, but in fact a lot more fragile particularly the edge joints so all factors need to be considered particularly how much they are going to be moved around once purchased.
iPad Displays View
iPad display plinths are bespoke made to order, given the fact that each generation of iPad and tablet have different dimensions. The options with the display case include of course the colour of the plinths and graphics, but also with the tablet: do you wish to have the home button and the camera button exposed; do you wish the tablet to be charged inside the case when on display; how secure the stand needs to be and whether or not you would like storage space in the base. All iPad trays are covered in a soft material which means they are not going to be scratched when putting in and out of the display plinth.
Jubilee Clip Engine Parts Display
Bespoke Plinths View
The plinth in this image is bespoke made to hold a VW Engine Turbo at a particular angle on which the customer can demonstrate their jubilee clips. The lockable cupboard and wheels enable the stock to be stored in the plinth and the open fronted shelf space for leaflets or brochures. Most clients who wish to have such a degree of bespoke design and build, need to bring their products to our workshop, or send them to us, so that the pieces can be mounted during manufacture to make sure they are exactly right. The engine pieces are held in place with acrylic pieces so that the attention is not taken from the piece on display.
Acrylic Display Cabinet Hire Exhibition Plinths
Roller Banners View
Roller banners are often used at events which customers require in addition to their glass cabinet hire. Roller banners and long banners with eyelets as shown in these images are printed in-house and delivered with your other products. It is best if you already have the artwork for the banners, but we do have the facility to help you with this should you need it.
Speakers Podium by Exhibition PlinthsLectern View
Lecterns are popular with schools and colleges, they are a sturdy and long lasting product which can be fitted with more shelves, or a cupboard on the back instead of the open shelves as shown in this image. Logos can be added to personalise the lectern.

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Some Of Our Happy Customers

“The professionalism with which you made and prepared the plinths we hired, and the ease with which we were able to order, and arrange for their delivery, was an important part of this. Thank you very much for going the extra mile and making a new set for our hire and use. It was much appreciated.”

Susie Smith
Communications and Marketing Manager
University of Exeter

“Just a quick note to say thanks very much for the great work under tight timings – much appreciated from our end, and by the clients.”

Matt Blaylock

“Thanks so much for the excellent plinths and prompt delivery for our Freshford exhibition. We will certainly use you again next time.”

Alison Harrison

“I am writing to express our thanks for the absolutely fantastic Plinth you designed for us. Communication throughout the work was excellent and Ellie effectively managed the complete design for us. The quality of workmanship and overall finish of everything has been superb, and the positive comments we have received from various Businesses and Dental Professionals confirm we made the right choice in using Exhibition Plinths.”

Ryan Howorko

The Ultimate Exhibition Blog

Plinths With Internal Storage

Posted by Ellie on 15 Jun 2016 (Glass Display Cabinet Hire, Glass Showcases, Plinths)

Most clients have found that when they have had a plinth with internal storage, they have been a lot more useful on the stand and in storage between events than just a five sided box. Having one side of the plinths which opens, to a storage area, your personal belongings and stock can be kept […]

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Model Ship Display Case and Plinth

Posted by Ellie on 15 Jun 2016 (Glass Showcases, Plinths)

We were approached by Pedretec Europe to change and modernise the model ship plinth. The model ships are on display in the reception area. This is beautiful picture of the ship in real life, from their company website. The model ships were to be displayed in their reception area once the display cases had been […]

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Plinths For Engine Parts

Posted by Ellie on 2 Jun 2016 (Bespoke Creations, Plinths)

We recently made a bespoke project for NORMA UK for displaying the car engine parts to display their jubilee clips. Customers could view the clips working on the engine parts and can have demonstrations at the trade shows the company attend. The specification for the bespoke project included: Lockable wheels so that the plinths could easily move around. Lockable storage within […]

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